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Multiple companies Up to 999 companies can be defined for use globally within Forte with each Company having a defined home currency.

Multiple Currencies All the parameters to support multi-currency accounting for an unlimited number of Currencies are fully maintainable. Full support for accounting for the Euro, including triangulation, is provided.

Ledger Module Controls Each ledger module is provided with a range of tuneable parameters to assist with meeting local working practices and requirements.

Accounting Calendars Accounting calendars can be maintained for each module within each company. Up to 14 accounting periods per year and there is the option to use sub-periods where, for instance, weekly reporting cycles need to be supported. The status of individual period gives absolute control over the use of appropriate periods at all times.

Individual User Profiles Each user is granted usage and access rights based on a definable profile which means that they see and are able to do only what is appropriate to their job.

Comprehensive Control over Access The System Manager retains full control over access rights. Individual users are part of User Categories which have finely controlled access to functions, options, procedures and data based to ensure only appropriate access and update at all times.

Choice of Menu Options While many will use the standard Windows-style dropdown menus provided, Forte provides the option to use fully customisable traditional menu screens. All options are subject to full access limitation depending on the rights of each user, irrespective of the method used for selection.

On-screen script tailoring Irrespective of the platform, all Forte procedural scripts are fully tailorable to suit local requirements, using the on-screen Forte Dispatcher facility.

Session Control provides on-screen audit trail Every user session is automatically recorded and all updates are automatically linked to their respective session and therefore a user, date and time. Subsequent users of the data can use the on-screen audit facility to discover who made the entry or modification. Session control is also useful when monitoring usage or when providing reports, such as audit reports, for specified date ranges.

Universally available notepad Users can use the universally available notepad to record unlimited public or private notes against any item of data and these are then available on demand at any time, on screen or in reports.

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