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° Multiple departments
° Multi-Currency
° Catalogue based or stock purchasing
° Telephone orders
° Order approval
° Budget checking
° Commitment update
° Invoice authorisation

Multi-departmental An unlimited number of Departments may be defined, each of which may be linked to a different ledger company and have separately defined operating rules.

Multi-currency Orders may be created in any currency and any commitments or accruals accounted for in the ledgers home currency.

Catalogue or stock-based ordering Where appropriate , buying can be guided by an accumulated knowledge base in the form of a catalogue. Users specify what they want, using any key word, and the system presents suggested suppliers and a pricing and buying history. The catalogue may be specifically entered or populated by contributions from users' buying experience.

Enforced authorisation rules Each order is created, approved and the associated invoice matched with an invoice and authorised by appropriate members of a common Authorisation Group. Where your internal control requires it, proper division of duties is enforced using the rules, which you define.

Commitment Accounting Where commitment accounting is required, recording is immediate and spending control can be absolute. You designate the budget level at which you wish to enforce control and Forte enforces that rule as orders are entered.

Innovative features make the difference A variety of available practical innovations allow you to match your working requirements. These include, telephone and emergency orders, optional receipting by order line, optional printing of each order line value, default account coding and coding allocation by spread code or entered factors.

Order Printing Orders may be customised to match any requirement and you may arrange to print them centrally by department, on demand or as a batch, whatever is appropriate to your requirements.

Onscreen order management Comprehensive on-screen access to all order-related data, both current and historical, is always available to users. Using these facilities, together with or as an alternative to the range of printed reports which are available, users have available to them a full picture of the current order position by order, supplier and product.

Goods receiving You can designate whether individual order lines are subject to formal receipt recording. Where this is the case, you can locate orders by reference or supplier, receive the items into specific locations and close out any short deliveries.

Invoice matching Matching of invoices against orders and, where applicable, against receipts is entirely integrated and when complete causes the ledger transaction to be updated and the decommitments to be actioned in line with the posting of the financial effect. The matching process is controlled overall against the registered invoice value, both automatic and manual matching facilities are available, additional invoice items - such as carriage charges - may be recorded and users can only recognise variances which are within their individual authority level.

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