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  North Somerset Housing Association building for the future with Forte

North Somerset Housing Association implement the Forte Accounting and Management Information System.

North Somerset Housing (NSH) is a housing association that was set up in February 2006 to receive the transfer of North Somerset Council's housing stock of over 6,000 homes.
The transfer was proposed by the Council as, due to financial constraints, they did not have sufficient funds to carry out the repairs and improvement needed to bring homes up to a quality that tenants requested. Transferring the homes to the newly created NSH has meant that additional investment has been secured to carry out these works and to develop a higher quality, well-managed housing service at a reasonable rent. North Somerset Housing Limited is a not-for-profit independent local housing association with charitable status. They are not permitted to trade for profit and any surplus generated is spent on improvements to homes and services.

  Bloor Homes choose Forte

The Forte Team are delighted to announce the sale to Bloor Homes Ltd of the Forte Accounting and Management Information System.

The Bloor Group began building houses over 35 years ago and today is one of the largest privately owned house building groups in the UK. Building in excess of eighteen hundred homes each year, the house building operation is managed through eight regional companies. "Our approach to the design of every new location goes far beyond the provision of superior homes for today's way of living. We make every effort to conserve the natural balance of each location including the conservation of wildlife and the preservation of natural features; a policy which has been praised by several planning departments."

Forte is being installed at eight regions running on centralised Windows servers under Citrix. A major factor in securing this sale was the design and implementation of a complex scanning solution which was integrated into Forte within the very tight time scales requested by Bloor Homes.

Forte has now been implemented at a number of the UK's leading house builders


Remploy select the Forte Multi-Dimensional Budgeting module

Remploy are to implement the Forte Multi-Dimensional Budgeting Module for use over their 80 sites

Remploy is the UK’s leading supplier of employment opportunities for disabled people. Working closely with Government programme's like Workstep and NDDP, they assist over 2,000 people with a range of physical and mental disabilities to find work every year. In addition, they support 4,500 people in the employment of other organisations and 6,000 people in their own sites.

With over 80 sites across the UK, they supply half of the top British companies with goods and services. Products include high-tech motor and electronic assemblies, school and college furniture, protective clothing for military and civil use and printing and packaging.

Forte was chosen as it met all the objectives. The savings and benefits that Forte offers will revolutionise the process or building the budget at Remploy.

In addition Cyberscience had already established a good working relationship with Remploy and demonstrated their technical capabilities in meeting Remploy’s management reporting requirements with Enterprise Cyberquery (eCQ).

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