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Founded in 1977, the company has an impressive track record of innovative product development, providing customers with products that deliver high quality and optimum productivity.

A financially sound and independent company, which has consistently achieved profitability and growth. It's success is based on significant investments in research and development to progressively extend the range, facilities and features of its products. The company has operations in the UK, USA and Australia.

The company has a worldwide client base where its products are extensively used across a wide range of business sectors including; finance, house building, manufacturing, petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, distribution, public utilities and local government

The Forte Financial System has been developed using the skill and experience of its application specialists combined with the power and productivity of a Fourth Generation Language to produce a highly functional range of financial application software.

Forte is a truly Open System, highly efficient in operation. These systems are fully portable between most computers, as they are independent of database and operating environments.


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