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° Multi-company
° Multiple books
° Automatic Asset creation
° Depreciation
° Straight line
° Reducing balance
° Units of production
° Pooling
° Separate
° Revaluation
° Forecasting
° Disposals
° Enquiries
° Analysis

Multi-Company, Multiple Books Assets may be accounted for in multiple companies and reflect the currency of the underlying General Ledger accounts. Multiple books for assets are supported - statutory, financial, current cost, "what-if", etc.

Automatic Asset Creation The integration between the Purchase Ledger and the Fixed Assets means that items coded to asset accounts automatically create an asset entry. These assets are presented to the asset administrator so that other detail may be added. An XML interface allows the creation of assets via an external system.

Depreciation Method Straight line, reducing balance or units of production may be chosen for individual assets. Asset categories provide default methods for ease of set-up.

Flexible Rates and Lives You select the life or depreciation rate for each category and asset and spread the resulting depreciation charge over the accounting periods according to any defined formula.

Pool & Separate

You can separate individual assets from a bulk purchase or assemble an asset from several individual assets.


The revaluation of assets can be based on either a percentage or a value change.


The forecasting option with its user definable parameters allow the module to forecast future years depreciation charges.

Asset Disposal When assets are sold or disposed of, all necessary accounting entries are generated - including the profit or loss on disposal.

Comprehensive Enquiries You may view asset details and related depreciation history, either directly or by drill down from asset accounts and transactions in other modules.

Multiple Analysis You may classify and analyse each asset by a wide range of dimensions - including location, category and a range of user defined attributes - and you may also track finance and insurance details of each asset.

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