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° Multi-Company
° Multi-Currency
° Multiple account types
° User search keys
° Euro compliant
° Head office/branch accounting
° Sophisticated cash allocation
° Dispute indicators
° Customers on stop
° Direct debits
° Debt lettering
° Instalments
° Allocation history
° Automatic exchange difference
° Currency revaluation

Multi-currency Invoices may be recorded in any currency, accounted for in your home currency and receipts recorded in either of these or any other currency. Both transaction currency and home currency balances and transactions values are always visible and exchange differences are automatically accounted for as they arise.

Euro Compliant Whether you operate inside or outside the Eurozone, whenever the Euro is part of your transaction, the appropriate conversion - including triangulation - is applied.

Easy Customer Access Customer records are shared by all their respective accounts and are associated with a wide range of parameters many of which may be associated with managers so that action lists and escalation procedures may be generated based on various customer related responsibilities. Access to customers may be gained by entry, assisted by search windows, of their code, name or postcode or by one of any of the user-defined keys. Customers may be created, by using the full detail screen or the quick set-up facilities, which require minimal data entry. Checks, based on name and address components, ensure that the creation of unnecessary duplicate accounts is minimised.

Head office and branch views Where Head Office or Corporate accounts made up of several Branches are created, the related transactions may viewed and cash applied from either viewpoint.

Transaction recording Where the Forte Invoicing module is in use, recording of the associated transaction is automatic. Where invoices are produced in a third-party system - such as a Sales Ordering System - these would also be posted automatically through the Forte interfacing facilities. Foe manual transactions, screens are provided for interactive entry.

Account management Comprehensive access to all data, both current and historical, is always available. Individual users may tune the data displays to their own requirements so that the emphasis is on managing and servicing the account with full access to all details of the transactions, collection actions, receipts and bank clearance details, etc. and you can record dispute details and settlements as required.

Every facility for cash allocation Whether you chose to apply the cash to transactions as it is recorded or apply cash later, whether payment is by statement or invoice, Forte provides the features you want and need. Automatic application to all or a designated range, specific allocation, allocation by ageing category, controlled recognition of cash settlement discounts, recording of debit notes are examples of the facilities provided to optimise this task.

Addressing the non-payer Forte allows you to define the rules for arrears action, including the format - such as letters or action triggers - and the timing, sequence and frequency according to your selection criteria. All actions are recorded on the account to maintain a history for influencing future actions or credit assessment. Transactions may be transferred to an instalment terms at any time to reflect arrangements which may be arrived at with the customer.

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