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° Multi-dimensional
° Security
° Build the base
° Flexible profiling
° Flexible restructuring
° Unlimited budgets/forecasts
° Budget upload from spreadsheet
° Balance Sheet budgeting
° Contra accounting
° Reallocation
° Full audit
° Base categories
° Deployment

Multi-dimensional Multi-demensional budget views provide each manager with their view of the budget even where this conflicts with operational structure.

Security Comprehensive security restricts what data a user may see.

Build the base Build from any base and generate inflation according to the type of expense. This reduces the time to build the base and allow changes to inflation predictions at any time.

Flexible profiling

Flexible profiling rules phase the budget across accounting periods providing an accurate reflection of annual, quarterly. monthly and weekly costs based on number of employees, production weeks or any other criteria

Restructuring Restructuring without coding change allows rapid response to changes in how the company operates. Management may create new views that reflect this in both current and historic data so as to maintain valid comparisons.

Budget input Distributed input of data eliminates the need for information to be passed to those building the budget at the operational level.

Base data Central input of base data - salaries, wages,headcount, depreciation, central costs - is immediately reflected in the budget being built by user departments. This eliminates duplication of data input and reduces budget preparation time.

Imports Spreadsheet and third party import and export eliminate re-keying of data from users who do not have access to Forte and for import of data from complex modeling. The import of the Baan General ledger structure is also available so that the budgets may be prepared using Forte.

Balance Sheet Balance sheet budgets allow the production of full management packs just as they will be produced for the coming financial year

Forecasting Forecasts provides the ability to predict the final outturn as the year progresses

Contras Contra balancing allows the Balance Sheet to be balanced at a stroke reflecting the budget in the Profit and Loss

Allocations Reallocations allow complex redistribution of costs from supplier departments to user departments

Audit Full audit trails and drilldown capability provide transparency to executive business management and senior departmental managers. Drill down displays who has made the changes and an explanation of why.

Categories Ten user defined budget categories such as base, inflation, growth, recharges provide management immediately with an answer to "Why has the budget changed".


Intranet deployment reduces the cost of software installation to near zero levels.



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