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Forte General Ledger


° Multi-Company
° Account hierarchy
° Cost centre hierarchy
° Sophisticated restructuring
° On-line Alternate hierarchies
° Unlimited budgets/forecasts
° Budget upload from spreadsheet
° Statistical analysis
° Commitment accounting
° 14 account periods
° 60 open periods
° Full drilldown to all source data
° Import of external transactions
° Journals
° Standard
° Skeletal
° Repeating
° Reversing
° Time spread
° Ratio spread

Multi-currency Invoices may be recorded in any currency, accounted for in your home currency and receipts recorded in either of these or any other currency. Both transaction currency and home currency balances and transactions values are always visible and exchange differences are automatically accounted for as they arise - either when received or revalued.

Unique chart of account Fully configurable using free-format code elements linked to totalling/reporting hierarchies, supplementary analysis coding and multiple, fully maintainable alternate views.

Free-Format Codes Traditional coding systems often depend on the structure of the account code to define reporting formats and drilldown routes, there are unnecessarily long codes to enter and an unnecessary restriction when it comes to restructuring. The Forte approach frees you of these restrictions.

Unlimited data retention Forte holds balances in an unlimited number of defined data sets known as "Comparatives" which may be retained indefinitely so that individual users may choose to view and report any historical year and period actual, budget, forecast or other value - including statistical values such as headcount.

Onscreen drilldown Follow any route through all levels to reach all summary and account detail for any data set, any year/period, originating entries in any ledger, details of the budget, forecasts, commitments, orders, notes, document images, audit detail, payments, bank clearance, etc.

On-line alternate views Define other financial or organisational views of your accounting entries at any time which are continuously updated and always available on-screen or in reports.

Unrivalled restructuring When your organisation or reporting require, you may change the totalling through the code hierarchies without destroying the coding logic.

Every journaling facility Standard, reversing and recurring journals are fully supported, you can spread values across codes and periods and copy/amend existing or specially defined "skeletal" journals. Codes are interactively validated and you can post immediately or after review - depending on your working practices.

Statistical Entries You can enter statistical balances at any time and you can enter statistical values - e.g. kilograms, metres or hours - against transactions and view and use the values in reports or during in-screen enquiry.

Allocations Define any number of periodic allocations where cost accumulations are required to be allocated to areas which benefit and automatic calculate and post them whenever you require them.

Budgets and Forecasts Whether you choose to use historic or zero base, on a fixed or variable basis, Forte provides interactive facilities for building budgets and forecasts with all the entry tools, links to indexes, profiling rules, etc. available as required. You can also choose to use the integrated spreadsheet or import from other budget preparation modules.

Commitment Accounting Commitments can be recorded automatically, view and report all the detail - either separately or together with actual values and decommitment is automatic too so that the financial effect of movement from commitment to actual is seamless.

Management Reporting After recording all the entries, your management information, including graphs and charts, are instantly available for all the views, levels, detail and formats you have envisaged. Managers can view through the on-screen enquiry facilities, report viewer or Web-browser, as printed reports or in formal reporting packs via Office tools

Any Report, any Time The Forte Reporting Module extends reporting options infinitely to allow users to produce any report or enquiry across the whole range of Forte data.


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