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Forte Sales Ledger Invoicing


° Multiple price lists
° Effective dates
° Discounts
° Multiple billing periods
° Reprint facilities
° Recurring invoices
° Invoice copy
° Automatic invoice reversal
° VAT inclusive pricing

Controlled Pricing A fully featured price list defines your pricing rules and enforces coding and tax treatment. Price list items may be time limited so that new pricing is applied as new billing periods are reached. Individual invoice lines may be designated a "fixed price" so that price changes are not applied. VAT inclusive pricing is also available.

Definable billing and pricing periods

Weekly, monthly, quarterly, 4-weekly, six-monthly, yearly or quarter-days may be defined for a charging period and, for a recurring invoice, for a billing frequency. Special rules may be specified for an initial period, account especially for deposits and initial costs, specify rounding rules and retain control over the contract duration.

Invoice Production Selection for billing may be requested for a range of criteria including one or more billing frequencies. Invoicing may be reviewed on line or via reports before finally committing to invoicing and you can extend or limit the selection criteria if you need to. Pro-forma invoices, copy invoices, credit notes to cancel invoices and for any other purpose may be produced at any time.

Fully Integrated, Fully automatic update The module is fully integrated with all other Forte modules, all data is interactively validated on entry, invoice lines may be given the most complex ledger analysis and the Sales and General Ledgers are automatically updated when the invoices are produced.

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