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  Forte is Web-Enabled

Forte version 5 runs standalone or in a web browser such as Internet Explorer. This eliminates the requirement to manually install and configure each PC.

The technology behind Forte version 5 combines almost zero client PC deployment and administration with an outstanding user interface. This results in one of the lowest deployment costs of any accounting application.

The thin Java client automatically downloads to the user's client machine when required, the process is quick and efficient. It is no longer necessary to pre-install and configure the client software on every PC.

More importantly, if the revision of the Forte server software changes, the client software will be automatically synchronised. This virtually eliminates the cost of client administration.

Forte Document Management will transform the way your organisation operates. It provides a portal enabling all windows applications to share their output. Files can that are shared are copied to the server into a structured and managed environment from where it can be backed up centrally.

Forte is fully integrated with QDirector provides guaranteed on time delivery of reports via email, the internet or on hard copy. Reports are no longer owned by a single user but can be shared. Users can subscribe to reports and will then have the latest version of a report delivered by email whenever the report is re-run.

Navigating complex organisational, product and accounting hierarchies is simple, fast and efficient using the hierarchy explorer window.


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